bye bye hoboken

(& beyond)

your home. your town. your photo story. 

hoboken, like so many other places, is an unique square mile. we all have our story as to how we got here. either this is your first home, your second or your third. college brought you here or a job or marriage. you are an original. and now you are moving on to start a new chapter elsewhere.

like so many you will miss our town for its convenience, the community, the memories you have made, probably the food and the stunning waterfront and the skyline.


for some you have started your family here. a nursery was built, you became parents, you have walked miles with your stroller through town and have spent countless hours at one or more parks and restaurants. your kids love their home as it is their universe.

before you say bye bye, let's make sure to capture the details in a unique series of photo sessions and the places that define your bye bye story to take with you on to your next chapter.  

as hoboken is my home and holds a special place in my heart, I have currently launched these sessions in hoboken but I am also telling bye bye stories in jersey city, nyc, and brooklyn.

how do we tell your photo story...

in home

your home is where your story begins.


your home is your space that grounds you and gives you comfort. and to your children, it is by far one of the most important places. 

let's document how special your home is to you and your family. whether it is wake up time with bedhead and cuddles, bath time, dance parties, sunday am pancake time...we will have fun but also capture the raw and real moments that you will want to relive in the years to come.  


around town

next we will go around town.


we will follow you to your special places in town that hold a special place in your heart.

it can be the church that you got married in or the restaurant or bar you are now regulars.

it may be as simple as a park, a bench or a favorite tree-lined block.



a story is not complete without the details.

often times these are overlooked, but it is our goal to highlight these. 


a simple detail can invoke memories, a smell or a feeling. a detail can transport you right back to the place. 


we will capture the details both in home and in your around town session. 


Next stop - learn more about our unique and interactive process, packages & how to contact us! 

my hoboken story. 

newly married, my husband and i moved here after grad school.

we found jobs in nyc, bought a home in what was a "less-desired" neighborhood, 2 kids, a rescue cat, a turtle and fish later, we call hoboken our home, we have our "village" and love the community. we have seen Hoboken transform through the years (although i do love the gritty history) and if all goes well, we are here to stay! ​

i love documenting my daily life and the stories that unfold unprompted in front of my lens. the sense of nostalgia, the memories that come swirling back when you see that one little detail. 

before you leave, let me have the honor to tell your bye bye story and capture your chapter before you leave. 

~ kim