some bye bye stories

the "O" family

before this family relocated to germany, we spent two fun-filled afternoons together. first, i was invited into their beautiful hoboken brownstone where we documented their every day and the details. the children lead the way, showing me their rooms, the details that mean the world to them and then i got to witness some fun activities (snacking on the stoop, story time, bath time, etc...). the next afternoon, we spent time at some of their favorite places around town. it was an honor to watch their story unfold. here are only a few images documenting their bye bye hoboken story. 

the "M" family

this mom called me up and pretty much asked me to do their bye bye story without knowing that that is what i have been working on for a year now. she was relocated to cali and wanted to ensure her daughter would remember where her story began. we spent two sessions together, where i got to get know this amazing family and their spunky, super-fun daughter. we played kitchen, tea, read books, dances, had snowball fights and spent some quality time on the hoboken waterfront. these are only a small assortment of all the fun and details we documented over the two days.