let's make your bye bye story happen...


our process

let's chat & book

you have made the decision that it is time to move on. now before you dissemble your home, let me tell your  bye bye story. i am happy to hop on a call so you can get to know me better and the process to see what you had in mind.

it is best to book your session at least 30 days prior to your move.

we chat some more

this is where we get to know each other or continue our conversation if we already spoke. we can have coffee together, talk on the phone or do a video conference.  

during our chat, i start collecting the details that makes you you. the details that will lay the foundation of your bye bye project storyboard. 

after our chat, the real fun begins. we collaborate on  an interactive project board that will house all the details for your session(s) and beyond. it is a forum for you to ask questions, send meclothing ideas, fill out a questionnaire, set a timeline, choose locations, etc... 

the storyboard is our blueprint of your bye bye session. 


project  storyboard


session day(s)

with the blueprint in hand, we will let the magic unfold. this is where i use my expertise to capture your every day life in your home, the details and your special places around town. the main goal is to have fun and let your  story unfold in front of my lens. 


the end

the post processing stage, is our stage. we will compile the top images and retouch them. after three to four weeks, depending on the package you choose, we will share your images in your personal gallery that tells your unique bye bye story. 




all sessions are uniquely tailored to tell your bye bye story.

to keep it simple all session fees and high resolution digital images are rolled into one fee. 

packages start at $750.00.

all-day packages & upgrades available upon request.


"the studio"

{30min} home

{30min} one city location

10-15 hi res images 

print release up to 11x14

custom iPhone/Android app


"the condo"

{60min} home

{60min} two city locations

40-50 hi res images

print release up to 11x14

softcover 8x6 album

custom iPhone/Android app


"the townhouse"

{120min} home

{120min} five city locations

75-100 hi res images

print release up to 11x14

softcover 10x10 album

custom iPhone/Android app


contact us

we are excited to capture your bye bye story of your home and city before you move on to your next chapter.

please email us any questions that you may have. we are happy are also happy to jump on a call to answer any questions. 

- kim