The Front Steps Project:

Hoboken Edition


In collaboration with the City of Hoboken, we are launching The Front Steps Project in Hoboken. We will be capturing portraits of the residents of Hoboken - your neighbors and friends. Hoboken is an amazing community and we are all missing seeing each around town. So let's see each other virtually and document this time. The purpose is to spread joy and smiles by capturing YOU while raising money to help Hoboken and the most in need! 


As we understand, not everyone has a porch/stoop, we will be capturing your picture on balconies or in windows a MINIMUM of 10ft away. There is NO touching as we use zoom lenses. In exchange, we ask you to donate to the Hoboken Emergency Relief Fund that is in its' final stages of being set up by the city. 


By letting us know you are interested, we will book a 5 minute spot. You will know we are coming, so you will be prepared to step outside. This will be short and sweet WITHOUT any physical interaction. 


After your session, we will email you the digital file of your portrait. In exchange, we ask that you make a good faith donation to The Hoboken Emergency Relief Fund. 

We will be posting all images on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject and #thefrontstepsprojecthoboken.

This is not a typical session. These sessions are meant to document the amazing community. You can smile or not. You can dress up or down. Families, roommates, newlyweds, partners, etc... ALL ARE WELCOME!