A Glimpse of Your Life: Why You Will Love an In-Home Photography Session!

Let's talk documentary in-home sessions.

Yes. This is a session where you let me into your home and we make magic happen. In-home sessions are by far one of my most gratifying and cherished sessions as they are authentic, organic and intimate. They get to down to what matters most: you, your family, your story!

These sessions are special and unique as they capture your family in your most comfortable environment. I mean, this is YOUR home, the ultimate safe zone. This is where you and your children spend most of your time and your everyday story unfolds.

As a guest and new friend, your children will quickly want to show me their toys, rooms, hiding spots, and/or talents. And the whole time they are typically their most perfectly REAL selves as they are in the comfort of their home.

Your in-home sessions can be anything you choose: whether they are a glimpse of your day-to-day life, a dance party, a cherished tradition like pancake Sundays, or your kids simply playing. You can be cozy or formal... And the best part, no travel or shlepping the family around. Oh, and these are the best way to include any furry or not-so-furry friends.

Now, my personal first thought would be (and maybe, I am projecting)... I LOVE this session idea, BUT...have you seen my home?!

As a mom of 2 kids, I completely understand the doubt and hesitation. My kids are literally Tasmanian Devil's. We have piles and clutter, toys, books, pencils and Legos everywhere. I clean up one area just to find another room or floor or the rest of the house DESTROYED!

But trust me, every home is picture-worthy! My goal is not to document your home's perceived shortcomings, but the love, joy and connection of your family and your family's story, which tends to shine brightest and most authentic in the comfort of your home.

I can easily move things around or position myself around any pile. And honestly sometimes a slew of toys, think stuffies or a trail of legos leading to the pile, tell their own beautiful story childhood.

Don't you want to capture just one or two hours in your and family's life as your most natural selves?

These images are for YOU to have. You choose whether to share them or not. They are a simply a glimpse into your life in this moment that you can relive in years to come.

- kim

PS. ✨✨✨Booking LIMITED in-home sessions NOW. Weekend dates for February 02/02 and 02/23! Inquire about week days or March dates. Full sessions pricing unless Minis to the Max member.

Emai to book: kim@kimlorraine.com ✨✨✨

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