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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Although March and Women's History Month just came to an end, I find that now in my late 30's, women inspire me not just monthly, but daily. I am in awe of my fellow women friends. They inspire me through their kindness, their passions, their dreams, their hard work, their parenting, their community or simply their jokes that bring a smile across my face on a crappy day. 

In the past year, a new women's world opened up for me... #MOMENTREPRENEURSHIP

As a new #momentrepreneur, I have found that life can be challenging, exhausting and lonely between starting and running your own business, finding some sort of normalcy, being your own boss, creating a new identity for yourself post corporate, and a full-time mom. But a lot has changed when I met other mothers, who for some reason pursued their brainchildren and passions as part of the life's blueprint. To be able to co-work, share our experiences and realize that we are all the same ,while so incredibly different, has helped myself grow so much. Also to be a part of Hoboken Mom Entrepreneur Group, started by an amazing woman and friend, has been life changing.

From these women, I have learned tips and tricks on the business front, but also, I have been so fortunate to grow in photography while helping women entrepreneurs let their personalities shine and share it with their clients, potential clients, followers, subscribers, and their families.

(Who doesn't want to have a nice picture of themselves that they can feel good about?! Not just a selfie or iphone/android picture!)

Most of my #momentrepreneur clients, like myself, absolutely shy away from being in front of the camera. 1k negative thoughts run through their minds, palms sweating, or WORSE, their armpits....One of my proudest moments in a session is to watch my client RELAX, to engage with me, to start enjoying themselves by owning the camera and me. My second proudest (also the most nerve-wracking) moment, is when I send a gallery and get to show my clients how absolutely stunning they are. And my third proudest moment, is to hear the words every photographer wants to hear, "I love the pictures of myself" and then to see them everywhere on social media,LinkedIn, blogs, or even in a NBC article

Because of my love for these women and images, I am going to start highlighting some of the images I have been taking lately of some incredible women! Please check out their businesses and spread the love. Like them, follow them, cheer them on, and support them whichever way you can. 

- kim

PS. And of course, if you are looking for authentic images of yourself and have a blast doing it, please feel free to email me (

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