Fall is Magic

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

We are so close to one of my most favorite seasons. Fall!

The nights are slowly getting cooler, the air is getting crisper, the days become shorter and the shadows are becoming longer.

Oh and the LIGHT of fall! The world starts to glow where everything ordinary becomes extraordinary. And it highlights my all-time favorite color scheme - bright orange to red.

It is also when our world turns back into full gear ... New beginnings after the long, slow summer days. The excitement and/or dread of the first day of school. Pumpkin picking. Halloween costumes change daily until Halloween. Apple picking. Thanksgiving is on the horizon. Funday Sundays are back. Cozy sweaters and light jackets come out of the closet. Big flocks of birds migrating. The leaves are changing.

There is just so much beauty in this magical season.

And for me it also means my busiest time where I get to spend time with new and old clients (aka friends). Where we create magical family pictures with the glow and colors to highlight special connections. I edit during the few free moments of the day and all through the night.

To me that is all magic! And as much as I don't want my summer with the kids to end, I am getting the itch of fall. The excitement is slowly creeping up and I am dreaming of all of the above.

And if you are interested in booking one of these magical sessions, you can do so


Oh and before, I forget... I am taking part in a blog circle with some photographer friends of mine. We are linking to each other’s posts, so you can check out what they are up to. Please check out the amazing Kim's blog, a San Diego Family photographer, that wrote an amazing post about motherhood..



What are your favorite fall activities? (Comment below.)

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