Halloween 2019 Is a Wrap!

Adrenaline, sleep deprivation and still on a major Halloween high, October definitely went out with a bang.

Halloween in Hoboken is nothing short of insanity with sprinkles and magic. It is one more reason why we can never leave this amazing square mile. It is a holiday where the Hoboken community is at its best and truly comes together as a whole. It is a night this town makes a lifetime of memories for kids (big or small).

Just over a year and a half ago, we moved into the epicenter of Hoboken Halloween. Our block (amongst 3 others) is proactively shut by the amazing Hoboken PD and trick or treaters in the thousands will come. We hand out around 4k pieces of candy. We have a spooktacular party and friends from all walks of life come to stop by after trick or treating themselves, grab some food, a drink, and the kids hand out candy with such joy. It is truly magical.

And it is OUR family holiday. When we started decorating our brownstone, my 6 year old daughter's grin could not have been bigger and she proclaimed, "This is OUR family tradition!"

And she is right. It is. We do US. We decorate (can't ever have too many lights, skulls and creepiness), watch Charlie Brown and the Big Pumpkin, other Halloween specials, and carve our Jack-O-Lanterns. We, as a team, choose our perfect Halloween. And this year did not disappoint but rather we all woke up exhausted, drained, exhilarated and already talking about next year!

This year we added a new aspect to our Halloween family tradition. After the kids decided that we would be vampires, my mind started racing. I hadn't seen the movie, "Interview with a Vampire" in decades, but the look of the actors as vampires (despite Brad Pitt's good looks) has always stuck with me. Alive but just a little bit off. And that is what I wanted to document... Portraits of vampires from the victorian era.

And that is just what we did. I hired Amy Duskin aka Make Up Artist Mama the best make up artist, to do our make up.

I bought studio lighting gear, watched YouTube videos on how to use this gear, and ordered our costumes. I could not have been more THANKFUL and proud of my kids and my husband, who embraced and dealt with my madness.

Ever meet a momtographer that has a vision and then is almost in a frenzy to execute it? :) Well, let's just say, it can be rather stressful and not so pretty for all involved.

All the stars aligned and we did it. I had so much FUN creating our Halloween portraits this year and I am EXCITED to do this again next year....



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