It's a Small World After All...

In-Home Family Session | Charleston, SC

Fun Fact(s): I am a native German, who sounds American, all because I went to this amazing international school outside of Frankfurt, Germany at the age of 5.

One thing (amongst many) an international school upbringing has taught me is that the world is SMALL. I mean shockingly small. So yes, I am that annoying person that will always ask, "do you know?!" after a someone tells me where they are from if I happen to know someone from that area. And guess what, most times I find a connection.

Most recently I took pictures of a fun and beautiful family at my friend, Stephanie Bryan's, Feels Like Home workshop in Charleston, SC. This was my first time in Charleston and it turns out that the mom and I actually have a connection. Now let me try to break it down because it was kind of crazy for us to piece together.

When I was in elementary school this amazing family moved to Germany. The daughter and her brother attended my international school 3 years. I became super close with the daughter and to this day are still friends 20 years later even after they moved back to Michigan after 7th grade. I have visited her town in Michigan and went to her wedding. So where is the connection, well, the younger brother happened to be a football player at their high school in Michigan, and guess who was a cheerleader and his friend?! You guessed correctly, the mom of this session in Charleston. It was insane to wrap our heads around it all once we made the connection.

Germany --> Michigan --> New Jersey --> South Carolina...

Now to the best part... The pictures!!! This session was a dream and really demonstrates that in-home sessions can be beautiful and special in itself.



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