"Newborn" is relative. Please stop apologizing.

In-Home Newborn Session | Hoboken, NJ

One of the biggest apologies I get from new mothers, who are looking to hire me as a "newborn" photographer a few weeks after having their baby, is that there baby is outside the 2-week window that they have read about. They worry all is lost and they have missed their opportunity. Oh, and it always breaks my heart a little that they are apologizing to ME because I am a mom first. I get it. I have had the privilege of giving birth two times. And guess what, birth is BIRTH!

For a lot of women, dare I say most, IT IS ROUGH and AMAZING and MESSY and FULL of WONDER and EMOTIONS and LIFE CHANGING ! Whether you are a 1st time or 3rd time mom, it is still an amazing and incredible accomplishment that I truly believe men are secretly jealous of!

A new baby comes with a change of family dynamic, steep learning curve, healing, a flood of emotions and worry, especially if you are a first time mom.

So if you are a new mom and feel guilty, PLEASE do not. Turn on your phone and look at all the beautiful snapshots you already captured. You are good!

If a new mom has sought me out, it is most likely because of my style and perspective, which is not in a studio and/or a beautifully posed and wrapped baby portrait. (Note: I have amazing fellow photographers that create magic posing and wrapping babies in their studios that I will happily refer.)

My style is to naturally capture the connection between the parents (and siblings) with the new baby in their home and because of my style, I have had "newborn" sessions that were within a few days or 6 weeks after giving birth. Like this cutie with her beautiful new parents. I feel blessed to have been let into their home and to meet this little one. She was 3 weeks old and pure sweetness.



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