Sunrise & Early Morning Sessions + Coffee = MAGIC!

Family Session l Charleston, SC

Sunrise or early morning sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite sessions. Trust me I am not someone who likes to get up EARLY BUT these are so so worth it.

It comes with ALL the benefits of an afternoon or sunset session and MORE. Instead of worrying about people in your pictures and/or watching you, people are preoccupied with waking up and starting their day.

The world is still calm. The parks and streets are mostly empty except for some pups being walked or the occasional runner. You pretty much have the whole area all to yourself. The sun is rising. The light is gorgeous. Long shadows, dappled light and some fun sun flare.

The kids are excited and tend to be more relaxed and less cranky since you are not competing with the strain of the day. And if you have school-aged kids, the kiddos get to enjoy some special time before school with you, the parents (and maybe feel like little rebels since they will be a little late) unless of course it is the weekend. It really is a super fun way for a family to start off their day whether before the daily routines kick in or on the weekends when you can end the morning with a nice breakfast.

Here are some fun images of a the sweetest family during a sunrise session in Charleston, SC. It is always a treat (and a little terrifying) to capture a fellow photographer and her family.


- kim

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