Turn off your inner Momzilla, Trust the Process & Have a Rock Star Family Session!

What you don't know about me is that I turn into a monster, a raging nightmare, when I hire a photographer to take pictures of my family and I. Anxious, sweaty hands , , pushy, yelling, and I GROWL... a MOMZILLA!

I. GET. IT. Sessions are FREAKING hard when you are in front of a camera. There is a reason I am so happy BEHIND it. All of the sudden we are confronted with all this extra pressure for not only YOU but your WHOLE family to perform. And it starts as soon as we put the deposit down to hold the date that we all finally could agree on...

First, all the million of questions start piling up in your head when you book a session...

What to wear? Make up? Hair? Will the kids behave? Should I have booked the session earlier? Later? Will my family cooperate? Again, what to wear?

Then, the negative spiraling thoughts begin....

My husband hates pictures! My wife hates pictures! I hate pictures! My kid(s) hates pictures. I should have lost the 5 extra pounds. We should have waited. I hate my outfit. Why do I bother?!

Sound familiar?


You are NOT alone. It IS intimidating. But the bottom line is that you booked these pictures to capture your family in the NOW. Time is fleeting. Remember the nights are long but the years are beyond short. Your life isn't curated. Shit happens and hey, it may literally happen at my session.

But I will let you in on a little secret...

You hired ME, a professional. A professional to capture you and your family. My job is to ensure that it all works out, not you. And as we all know, kids tend to perform better for other grown ups and (hint hint) the significant other too.

So this is my advice. I have seen a lot and NO, you will not be the worst family I have ever documented because there is no such thing. You are a family, humans, and we will have a ton of fun. There may be tears or scowls, but it will still be fun. I do this because I love people and I want to capture your family. Simply you in the now. It only takes a fraction of a second to capture that moment. That means we take our time for you to be yourselves and to finally feel like the rock stars you all are.

The only thing YOU need to do is to simply TRUST the process. AND... most importantly, enjoy letting me direct the show so you can just be YOU.

- kim

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