When Happily Ever After meets Never Say Never...

Elopement / Hoboken, NJ

When my first Hoboken friend randomly sent me a text asking if I was available to do a session for her, I had a sneaking suspicion it would not be my normal family or personal branding session. And right I was... She asked me to take pictures of her and her fiancees' SECRET elopement. Just her. The officiant, the super cool

Lord Easy. AND me! WOW!

Now. I have always sworn myself to never take on this amazing beast of a wedding. Why? Cause the PRESSURE. What if I miss the kiss? What if it is all out of focus? I mean, it is one and done. Not like I can ask the bride and groom to host another wedding.

Never say, NEVER!

For this girl, who has been there for me through thick and thin, I did not even hesitate nor think about all that could go wrong. All I could think of is how incredibly honored I was to share in their SECRET elopement with them in the best possible way. AND the very best part, the two ended up having their ceremony in our backyard.

So, enjoy my first and (maybe, last) wedding pictures.

But then again, never say never....



PS. It is extra special that my kids got to witness their nuptials from their playroom window. This was my kids' first wedding and it truly was beautiful, intimate and really all about love. It took my daughter a few serious questions with the bride to come to terms with the fact that there was no cake and party and of course, a thousand guests, but then she got it and loved it all.

PPS. I am seriously thinking elopements may be worth considering...

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